Weather STEM Tools and Lessons

Stimulate and Engage Young Minds

WeatherBug Achieve integrates science, math, geography, technology and more to improve student achievement using the live weather data from your school's very own WeatherBug Weather Station or from any of the other 10,000+ schools and facilities in the WeatherBug Network.
Lessons are standards-based and can be used in self-taught or teacher-facilitated settings. These interactive lessons are supported by exciting graphics and use live weather events from the WeatherBug Schools Network.

Live Weather Data Integrated With Interactive Lessons

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Visual Learning Environment

Powerful visualization tools demonstrate atmospheric changes and how weather develops. Even the most complex mathematics and science concepts become easier to comprehend through advanced mapping and graphing features, including live/time-lapsed HD imagery.

Graphing tools help your students to understand, analyze and manipweatherbugheadquartersulate all types of weather data. Multiple weather parameters can be plotted using historical weather information from any of our 10,000 weather stations. And by enabling students to chart changes to weather conditions, they can quickly understand how to detect patterns and trends over time.

Live and Time-Lapsed Images are available from over 2,500 WeatherBug Cameras  within the WeatherBug Network.  Images from WeatherBug Cameras can be incorporated into lessons, and your students can watch and compare weather changes in different regions of the country.

Map Gallery tools let students view, create and print maps. Map Gallery enables them to compare live weather data and develop skills in spatial relations. Students can gather information, categorize the data and choose the right symbols or colors to represent the data on a map. Radar and satellite maps are included.

StormCentral keeps students updated with all the latest information during hurricane season. You will find satellite and radar maps of the Eastern and Central Atlantic, the Caribbean, the Windward Islands, the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic. Coastal U.S. Strike Probability and Storm Track maps allow you to follow the storms as they develop. The interactive Storm Tracker tool plots current and historical storms.

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Tools, Training and Special Programs for Teachers

Activity Explorer includes tools for teachers to “search and select” lessons based on state standards and content area. Lesson plans and projects are easily generated and are in alignment with state standards. WeatherBug Achieve’s standards database is continually updated, so teachers stay ahead of changing curriculum requirements. In addition, WeatherBug Achieve is regularly reviewed to ensure that it continues to comply with the latest advancements in technology and Web-based instruction.

At Your Convenience Training can be accessed whenever and wherever it is most convenient for teachers — at home, at school, before class starts or in the evening. The Web-based training modules are divided into easy-to-learn topics that last no more than 15 minutes each and can be viewed as many times as needed on any computer with an Internet connection.

The Lead Teacher Program provides recognition, visibility and credibility to the designated teachers who become resident experts of the program. WeatherBug Achieve Lead Teachers get immediate support including a Web-based user’s manual and supplemental training materials. Lead Teachers also have access to special features in WeatherBug Achieve to keep them abreast of the latest updates, announcements and product enhancements throughout the year.

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